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Programming language: C++
Platform: Linux, Windows, BSD, Apple OS X
Status: Active
Based on: Written from scratch[1]
License: GNU General Public License[1]
Latest release: 2.0.25 (stable)[2]

InspIRCd is an IRC daemon written entirely from scratch, it is one of the few IRC daemons to be written in C++ and it was released under the GNU General Public License.[1] InspIRCd is the most used IRC daemon according to the ranking on SearchIRC.

InspIRCd is hosted at GitHub.


InspIRCd is most commonly used along side Anope and Atheme services packages[Source?] but can also be used with various others such as IRC Services.

Denora IRC stats are also known to work with InspIRCd.


Written entirely from scratch, the first stable release of InspIRCd was in 2002. At some point, UnrealIRCd developers considered forking InspIRCd for the proposed Unreal 4 release,[3] but ultimately they dropped that idea again in favour of something new written from scratch.[4]

In the summer of 2012, the 1.2 branch of InspIRCd was put on what was called "life support", and then eventually dropped in favour of the stable branch, 2.0.[5]

InspIRCd 2.1 (which never left the beta phase) was also closed around the same time as the 1.2 announcement, and all users have been instructed to use the 2.0 (stable) branch. This is so all efforts can be focused on InspIRCd 2.0[6] which was beginning to suffer as resources were spread too thin across the 3 branches.

A development branch (master) was created in April 2013 which marked the beginning of the development of InspIRCd 2.2.[7][8]

Latest release

2.0.25 was released on November 12th 2017.[9]

As always, updating is strongly recommended.

Prominent Features

Due to its modularity, InspIRCd offers runtime reloadable core commands and can be extended with custom functionality without bloating the thin core which allows for very customized installations.

InspIRCd comes with asynchronous support for MySQL[10], PgSQL, SQLite and MsSQL which allows for example to authenticate users from a custom SQL database.[11] It supports 5 regular expression engines and has modules for LDAP and GeoIP.[12][13][14]

The SSL support in InspIRCd is also modular, GnuTLS[15] and OpenSSL[16] are both supported.

Other interesting features are Linux epoll and FreeBSD kqueue support for good performance even with a vast amount of simultaneous connections, a regular expressions spam filter and abstract oper classes with different assigned rights for easy oper management especially for a larger staff.[17]

InspIRCd has its own m_dsnbl module that offers proxy scanner functionally, similar to BOPM.[18]


For all issues and problems, InspIRCd developers recommend you use their bug tracker, which can be found here.[19]

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