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Programming language: C
Platform: Linux, BSD
Status: Active
License: GPL[1]
Latest release: 3.1.3

BOPM is a proxy monitor that scans all incoming connections to a server (or network depending on configuration). When a client connects BOPM scans the client for open proxies, it then determines whether they are really open by using them to connect back to the server.

Additionally, BOPM contains the ability to match hosts against a DNS blacklist such as DroneBL or your own custom list, and depending on how it is configured the BOPM can gline/zline/kill or akill the proxy from your network.

Supported IRCds

Latest Stable Release

  • 3.1.3, You can download the tar.gz Here

Similar software

An example of BOPM in action

(06:45:13) *** Notice -- Client connecting on port 6667: rcaukstv ( [clients] 
(06:45:14) *** G:Line added for *@ on Sun Apr 11 05:46:14 2010 GMT (from BOPM! to expire at Mon Apr 12 05:46:14 2010 GMT: Listed in visit
(06:45:14) *** Notice -- Client exiting: rcaukstv ( [User has been banned from MyServer (Listed in visit]