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We've decided to list and address a few questions we commonly get asked. If your question isn't found here, feel free to contact us via our Live Chat.

Why another IRC Wiki?

We decided to create the IRC Wiki because there wasn't any definite Wiki dedicated to IRC. Another reason was because of Wikipedia's dreadful practice of deletism that seems to have plagued any and all articles related to IRC. We are aware that there are other Wikis dedicated to IRC but we strive to more than 'just another wiki'. We already have several services and 100+ Articles on IRC that puts us apart from other IRC wikis.

When did this all start?

Probably around the 12th of March 2010. A more verbose explanation and history can be found on our About page.

Who are the people behind the IRC Wiki?

A complete list can be found at our Credits page.

What are your goals with the IRC Wiki?

Ultimately our goal is to integrate as much as possible with the central Wiki. This is why our Social Network and Widgets are all provided internally and by the Wiki Software itself. We later plan to integrate an IRC Stats gathering system and News page, but for now you can use the fine statistical widgets provided by and

Can you help me install/configure/use X IRC software?

Maybe. The point is that we just provide some basic information about IRC Software and Services here. We normally have no direct contact with the authors of these software, nor do we have complete knowledge about the software in question. We'll help you as much as we can, but it might be better for you to go directly to the Software's support channel or forum.

Do you provide support for MediaWiki/Wikipedia/Wikia?

No. We're not associated with MediaWiki, Wikipedia or Wikia. We do not have access to, control or ability to fix other MediaWiki driven sites.

Aren't you guys meant to be serious/professional?

No. This is a free community driven service not a privately run organization so expect us to act casually within the channel and on the Wiki. We intentionally strive not to be like Wikipedia, but don't mistake the people with the content. We'll always try to bring good content while being good humoured.