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Programming language: C[1]/C++[2]
Platform: Linux, BSD, Apple OS X, Windows
Status: Active
Based on: Epona[3]
Latest release: 1.8.9 (Legacy)[4]
2.0.3 (Stable)[5]

Anope is a services package which was first released in 2003 and is based on Epona and contains common services bots such as OperServ, NickServ, ChanServ, HostServ, BotServ, MemoServ.[3] Anope is one of the most common and popular services for IRC, it is commonly used alongside UnrealIRCd[6] aswell as InspIRCd. It has the capability to load a variety of modules to enhance the services.

Latest releases

  • Anope 2.0.3 was released in January 30th 2016, this is now the current stable branch.[5]
  • Anope 1.8.9 was released on March 4rd 2014.[4] This was the last planned release in the 1.x branch as Anope 2 becomes the current stable branch, and this becomes a legacy version


Anope's NickServ supports nickname grouping and also has an optional password retrieval feature. Nicknames may be protected from being taken by other users.


Defcon system

Anope has a defcon system can be used to implement a pre-defined set of restrictions to services useful during an attempted attack on the network to secure the services which is explained here.

Additions to 2.0

When the 1.9 development branch reached a stable status, it became Anope 2. Additions include, but are not limited to: account-based, fantasy support for all commands, a number of popular third-party modules from 1.8 included within the core, ability to authenticate against SQL or LDAP, DNSBL and Proxy Scanning, live SQL databases and redis support, a built in web server including a web panel, ipv6/ssl linking support, ssl-cert/sasl authentication support, encryption module switching and more. Check out the release post here

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