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Our Mission

Our Goal with the IRC Wiki is to have a quality community driven wiki dedicated to all things IRC. We're dedicated to archiving concise, yet informative pages on any and all subjects related to IRC. We know that we might not be the first IRC Wiki around, but that doesn't mean we should skimp of quality nor the wealth of information. To date, we're the largest IRC dedicated wiki in the world thanks to the efforts of our contributors. Please see Credits to find out who these great people are.


The history of this wiki is pretty strange. We didn't originally set out to create a wiki in this direction, nor challenge anybody in the creation of a IRC Wiki. The story begins with me (Trixar_za) being bored one day and seeking to have a wiki (because it's cool to have one) and once I settled on a LionWiki, I discovered that I had nothing to put on it. On mention this to Bertrum, he suggested we maybe dedicate it to IRC. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and the the rest is history.

Now a couple of template revisions, recoding, rewriting, standardizing, domains, moving to MediaWiki and more by me, Bertrum and the many other people (Credits) we found ourself with this wiki as it is now. Checking back on old edit histories, we put the birthday of the IRC Wiki @ 12 March 2010.

We do hope you enjoy it and maybe you'll join us in contributing something.