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Denora IRC Stats
Programming language: C
Platform: Linux, Windows,
Status: Active
License: GPL[1]
Latest release: 1.4.5[2]

Denora acts as a server that connects to your IRC network and collects statistical information about your servers, channels and users. Denora exports this information to MySQL, HTML, XML and flatfile databases, allowing you and your users to get a comprehensive and complete overview of your IRC network.[3]

Denora allows per channel statistical monitoring and fantasy commands that allow the user to get a quick look at that channels stats. (Requires MySQL for this functionality)[4]

Denora features a web extension called PHPDenora that allows the information gathered to be exported to a website for viewing.[5]

Denora was released on Feb 7th 2011, this update fixes known crash bugs so it is recommended you update[6][7]

Suported IRCd's


Denora Commands

Latest Stable Release

Denora v1.4.5, that can be downloaded here for *nix.... and here for Windows

phpDenora v1.4.5, that can be downloaded here for Linux

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