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Programming language: C[1]
Platform: Linux, ?
Status: Active
Based on: Shrike (partially)
License: ISC BIND-like (similar to MIT/2-clause BSD license)[2]
Latest release: 6.0.11[3] & 7.2.6[4]

Atheme IRC Services are a modular[3] IRC Services package "Atheme IRC Services" which is part of the Atheme project which also develops the web interface Atheme-Web[3].

More detailed information

The Atheme IRC Services were first released in 2005.[5] They are built on top of the IRC handling core of Shrike, which is a legacy minimalists package.[3] Atheme allows you to convert old Anope databases to be used in Atheme to allow an easy change. Atheme-Web is a website interface for the Atheme services which makes the core features of Atheme accessible, via the networks website. This allows ease of use for opers and users alike because they can now easily modify the ChanServ and NickServ accounts on the website. Atheme was the first services package to use FLAGS instead of XOP or numeric levels, although an XOP module is available for use.[Source?]

Supported IRC daemons

Supported web frontends

Special services bots


  • Part of the integration with IRCv3, AUTHCOOKIE, Atheme-Web, and Iris Web Client.
  • Users connect using SSL and SASL Authentication, and allows users to identify to their client before their connection is fully registered.
  • SaslServ does not have any public commands.


  • Still in development, GameServ provides a small number of entertaining things. It will allow integration into the channel per channel owner's request.
  • GameServ does not have any true "games" such as Uno, or Spin the Bottle. Expect to see this in the future.


  • Added in Atheme 5.2, InfoServ provides advanced logon news and global messaging services.
  • News can be read on login or at any later point in time. Global notices are sent when news is added.
  • InfoServ can be integrated into a network's website using XMLRPC.


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