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Owner(s) Blue, Dragone2
Website http://www.sweetchat.org
Network address irc.sweetchat.org
Ports 6667, 6697 (SSL), 9999 (SSL)
Main Channels #SweetChat, #Dragone2, #mangaring
Contact blue@sweetchat.org
IRCd UnrealIRCd
Services Anope

SweetChat IRC Network

Free chat for all!

About us

SweetChat is a small Italian network, averaging 70+ users, we have 40 registered channels, about 10 servers, and 10+ IRCOps!

We have all the standard IRC games, such as Uno, Poker and trivia and we have Minecraft too! We also support users with our support channels in maths, IT, english and much more, visit our website for more information! You can also have a personal area where upload your pictures and text files!

How to connect

if you want to connect you may use the address irc.sweetchat.org with your irc client or the web chat located at http://chat.sweetchat.org you may also ask for help build your own chat room or community with a web site in the official support channel #irchelp have a nice chat!

The future

Today we are planning to be an international active network because we have the resources and we have been on irc for a while... so if you are interested in joining us maybe because lacking of resources/people to manage a network you are welcome :)

A bit of history

Sweetchat was founded in 2007 by two young guys as a network channel on a famous italian irc network, 1 year later in 2008 we decided to move the community on a vps linking it to another local network, some time later the other founder left and the vps with him. I begun to run my own server alone for a while until I met the owner of FreeWild, the network with we linked some years ago until it died. We moved to a dedicated server after the split and after some time other people, servers and networks joined this project. The first was Dragone2, then joined mangaring irc network and infinityworld irc network this year

The name was choosen by a random idea of the founders but it is true that this is a "sweet" chat, bacause flames are very rare

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