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Owner(s) you10
Network address
Ports 6660-6669, 6697(SSL)
Main Channels #sa-irc, #help
IRCd UnrealIRCd
Services Anope

San Andreas IRC Network


About Us

The San Andreas IRC Network is a medium sized network that was founded on the 4th of March 2012 as a place for a group of friends to hang out. The network has grown since and now has around 80-90 concurrent users across 4 IRC servers. Only the best hosting providers are used and all staff are very experienced in the field of IRC with most having many years of experience. Our staff are happy to help you with any issues you face while using the network and our wiki is a great resource when staff are unavailable.

How to Connect

There are many ways of connecting to the network. You can use web clients like Mibbit and KiwiIRC or you can use software clients like mIRC, Icechat and xChat. Our servers support webirc from Mibbit and KiwiIRC so users from these services appear as though they connect via their own IP making it easier to ban abusive users.

Connection Info

All our servers use the ports 6660-6669 and 6697 for SSL. Most servers have valid signed SSL certificates so you can be sure that your connection is secure. As well as SSL, all our servers support IPv6 connections.


More info can be found at

Round Robins

We have many round robins to help you connect to the right server. - Main round robin (all IRC servers)(IPv4 and IPv6) - IPv4 round robin (all IRC servers)(IPv4 only) - IPv6 round robin (all IRC servers)(IPv6 only) - North American round robin (all IRC servers located in North America)(IPv4 and IPv6) - European round robin (all IRC servers located in Europe)(IPv4 and IPv6)

Social Media

Follow us on Twitter @saircnetwork

Network Stats

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