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Owner(s) Rizon Executive Board
Website http://www.rizon.net/
Network address irc.rizon.net
Ports 6660-6670, 7000;

SSL: 6697, 9999.

IRCd Rizon IRCd
Services Anope


Rizon is one of the largest growing IRC networks, and has existed for almost 10 years.

One of Rizon's core values is to encourage channel owners to take charge of their own channels. This philosophy has resulted in a very small rule set, and a no-censorship policy. Instead, Rizon focuses on powerful channel and nickname management tools, as well as maintaining well-staffed, knowledgeable, and friendly support channels, in order to empower users to fully control their own channels.


Home to a variety of communities, Rizon is best known for housing almost all major anime fansubbing channels, as well as being home to 4chan's official and unofficial IRC channels. More recently, the online games eRepublik and e-Sim have made Rizon their home, providing a major user boost. These various communities have resulted in Rizon being one of the few major networks that is healthy and growing.

Statistics provided by irc.netsplit.de


Rizon develops and maintains a number of in-house tools, including its own IRCd, heavily-modified Anope services, psuedoserver, qwebirc fork, and various other network management tools. These tools are almost all open-sourced, and can be found on Rizon's Code Repository. Rizon often coordinates with its very large subcommunities to develop new reliable & enjoyable services for its users.

Rizon also runs possibly one of the most globally diverse and well-connected IRC networks to its users, covering all of North America, Europe, and parts of Asia with 20 different client servers, each hosted at enterprise-quality datacenters, through coordination with and support of the datacenter. In the case of outages, Rizon maintains a status/outages twitter to clearly communicate with the userbase what the issue is, and how long it will take to resolve.

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