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Programming language: Python
Platform: Web based IRC client.
Status: Active
License: GPL[1]


Iris is a web client based on Qwebirc which is written in Python using the Twisted framework.[2]. The front-end interface presented to the user is translated to JavaScript/Ajax from Python, which has the distinct trait of not requiring anything from the user save an JavaScript enabled browser. Iris was chiefly designed to integrate with the Atheme IRC platform using Atheme's own xmlrpc API to enable features like channel list and the ability to identify to services which adds the Qwebirc base features. Other notable differences between Qwebirc and Iris is the use of proper config file and better colour support.

You can get the latest version of Iris from the Atheme's Github account here.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Iris works with Firefox, Safari (and other webkit browsers), Opera, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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