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Programming language: Java
Platform: Unix, Linux, MacOS X, Windows
Status: Active
Latest release: 0.99
Homepage: http://javatwg.sourceforge.net/

Werewolf is an IRC bot that moderates instances of The Werewolf Game, a detective/social game. Based on the PircBot found Here and uses a modified version of the rules found Here.

To play a game of Werewolf there needs to be atleast 5 players. The goal of the game is to seek out the werewolf or werewolves before they kill all the villagers. Each day a vote is held by the villagers as to who might be the werewolf, and the character who gets the most votes against them gets lynched, at which point their true identity is shown.

There are also special classes to help the villagers along with their investigation, namely the Seer, who has the ability to once a day, to see the true identity of a person, if they don't get killed by the werewolves first that is.


Click here for a guide that demonstrates how to install, run and configure the werewolf bot.


The latest zip file of this game can be found Here and the latest source can be found here