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Author(s): Simple
Programming language: Perl
Status: Active
Latest release: v3.0


This game is like no other idlerpg game, the core of the game has been modified to make the game more entertaining for the players, and it is now on multiple networks. Not just a copy running on multiple networks, no! It's the *same* game! We are currently running on several networks (listed below), with more to come! IdleRPG is an online RPG (Role Playing Game), based upon a player's idle time on the channel (See Location for info). The modifications are what makes this game the most wanted IdleRPG game on the internet!

Game Info

The Idle RPG is just what it sounds like: an RPG in which the players idle to merely gain levels, also find items and battle random players. Each time a new item is found it is compared to your current item, if stronger the old item is tossed away and the new one is carried, however, if weaker.. better luck next time.

This is all done for you; you just idle. There are no set classes; you can name your character anything you like and have its class be anything you like, as well. (Keep it non-offensive, please.)

In addition to idling, there are several things you can do to speed up your time to level (TTL), and to raise the power of your items. The commands to do that are discussed on the Commands page.

Note: Advertising other channels or websites in your class is forbidden, admins will not delete the account, but will change the class.

The game runs until someone reaches level 100. This usually happens between 70 and 80 days. After that, there will be about a week or so of new code testing, followed by a new round where everyone starts over at level 0.

Winners of past games are listed in the Hall of Fame.


The Multi-Network IdleRPG can be played in the following locations:

Network Game Chan Game Nick Help Chan Note
AyoChat #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
Bosver #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
ChatLounge #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss (3)
DALnet #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss (2)
EFnet #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
FunWorld #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
GameSurge #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss (3)
IRC4Fun #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
IrcFreakz #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
Koach #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
Libera #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
mIRCPhantom #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
Pissnet #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
PlunkNet #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
QuakeNet #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
Rizon #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
ScaryNet #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss (1)
SkyChatz #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
Techtronix #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss (3)
Undernet #idlerpg idlerpg #discovery
UniversalNet #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss
Virtulus #multirpg multirpg #multirpg-discuss (3)

Notes: (1)=No Lag (2)=Won't Excess Flood (3)=Both


Game owners:

  • simple - developer, game admin, channel owner
  • Bahhumbug - hosting
  • RussellB - Ideas, game admin, channel master.

Direct colaborations:

  • s0lid_ - Ideas, bug-finding.

Global Channel Operators:

  • RussellB
  • simple

We give our thanks to all our supporters, past and present.


If you do something other than idle, like part, quit, talk in the channel, change your nick, or notice the channel, you are penalized. The penalties are time, in seconds, added to your next time to level and are based on your character level. The formulae are as follows:

Nick change 30*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Part 200*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Quit 20*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Host hiding 10*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL)) (This is mode +x on Undernet)
LOGOUT command 20*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Being Kicked 250*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Channel privmsg [message_length]*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))
Channel notice [message_length]*(1.14^(YOUR_LEVEL))

So, a level 25 character changing their nick would be penalized 30*(1.14^25)=793 seconds towards their next level.

Penalty shorthand is p[num]. So, a nick change is a p30 event, parting the channel is a p200 event, and quitting IRC is a p20 event. Messages and notices are p[length of message in characters].

Note: We all know some networks (like Undernet) can be crap, so Ping timeouts are not penalized.

Another note: Intentionally getting penalties in a repetitive manner to stay a lower level is frowned upon. Upon being warned, you should stop doing such things. Channel operators have the authority to ban players for such activity, and aren't afraid to use it. This behaviour has been proven to be disruptive (repeated penalties in the game channel are really annoying, and it takes the random elements away from the 'bet' command).


Each time you level, you find an item. You can find an item as high as 1.5*YOUR_LEVEL (unless you find a Unique Item). There are 10 types of items: rings, amulets, charms, weapons, helms, tunics, gloves, leggings, shields, and boots. You can find one of each type. When you find an item with a level higher than the level of the item you already have, you toss the old item and start using the new one. As of version 3.0, there is an optional p0 STATUS command that your admin may have enabled, but you cannot see which items you have over IRC (only your total item sum). You can, however, see which items you have on the web here.


Each time you level, if your level is less than 25, you have a 25% chance to challenge someone to combat. If your level is greater than or equal to 25, you have a 100% chance to challenge someone. A pool of opponents is chosen of all online players, and one is chosen randomly. If there are no other online players, you fight no one. However, if you do challenge someone, this is how the victor is decided:

  • Your item levels are summed.
  • Their item levels are summed.
  • A random number between zero and your sum is taken.
  • A random number between zero and their sum is taken.
  • If your roll is larger than theirs, you win.

If you win, your time towards your next level is lowered. The amount that it is lowered is based on your opponent's level. The formula is:

((the larger number of (OPPONENT_LEVEL/4) and 7) / 100) * YOUR_NEXT_TIME_TO_LEVEL

This means that you lose no less than 7% from your next time to level. If you win, your opponent is not penalized any time, unless you land a Critical Strike.

If you lose, you will be penalized time. The penalty is calculated using the formula:

((the larger number of (OPPONENT_LEVEL/7) and 7) / 100) * YOUR_NEXT_TIME_TO_LEVEL

This means that you gain no less than 7% of your next time to level. If you lose, your opponent is not awarded any time.

Battling the IRPG bot is a special case. The bot has an item sum of 1+[highest item sum of all players]. The percent awarded if you win is a constant 20%, and the percent penalized if you lose is a constant 10%.

As of version 3.0, if more than 15% of online players are level 45 or higher, then a random level 45+ user will battle another random player every hour. This is to speed up levelling among higher level players.

Also as of version 3.0, there is a grid system. The grid is a 500 x 500 area in which players may walk. If you encounter another player on the grid, you have a 1 / (NUMBER_OF_ONLINE_PLAYERS) chance to battle them. Battle awards are calculated using the above formulae. More information on the grid system is available here.

Also as of version 3.0, a successful battle may result an item being stolen.

Unique Items

As of v2.1.2, after level 25, you have a chance to roll items significantly higher than items you would normally find at that level. These are unique items, and have the following stats:

Graph coming soon...

The Hand of God

As of v3.0, every online user has a (roughly) 1/20 chance per day of a "Hand of God" affecting them. A HoG can help or hurt your character by carrying it between 5 and 75 percent towards or away from its next time to level. The odds are in your favor, however, with an 80% chance to help your character, and only a 20% chance of your character being smitten.

In addition to occurring randomly, admins may summon the HoG at their whim.

Critical Strike

As of v2.0.4, if a challenger beats his opponent in battle, he has a 1/50 chance of landing a Critical Strike if he is aligned with good. Neutral challengers have a 1/35 chance. Undead have a 1/20 chance. If this occurs, his opponent is penalized time towards his next time to level. This amount is calculated by the formula:

((random number from 5 to 25) / 100) * OPPONENT'S_NEXT_TIME_TO_LEVEL

Meaning he gains no less than 5% and no more than 25% of his next time to level.

Team Battles

As of v3.0, every online user has (roughly) 1/4 chance per day of being involved in a 'team battle.' Team battles pit three online players against three other online players. Each side's items are summed, and a winner is chosen as in regular battling. If the first group bests the second group in combat, 20% of the lowest of the three's TTL is removed from their clocks. If the first group loses, 20% of their lowest member's TTL is added to their TTL.


Every online user has a (roughly) 1/8 chance per day of a calamity occurring to them. A calamity is a bit of extremely bad luck that either:

a) slows a player 5-12% of their next time to level

b) lowers one of their item's value by 10%


Every online user has a (roughly) 1/8 chance per day of a godsend occurring to them. A godsend is a bit of extremely good luck that either:

a) accelerates a player 5-12% of their next time to level

b) increases one of their item's value by 10%


Four level 30+ users that have been online for more than two hours are chosen to represent and assist the Realm by going on a quest. If all four users make it to the quest's end, they all are awarded by removing 25% of their TTL at the quest's end. There are two kinds of quests: grid-based quests and time-based quests. Time-based quests last between 12 and 24 hours. Grid-based quests are based on the grid system and do not have a set time to completion. Rather, the questers must reach certain points on the map for their quest to be complete. If a quester gets a penalty, he or she is penalized with a p15 as punishment, in addition to their normal penalty, and are removed from the quest.

Grid System

As of v3.0, the IRPG has a grid system. The grid can be considered a 500 x 500 point map on which the players may walk. Every second, each player has an equal chance to step up, down, or neither, and an equal chance to step left, right, or neither. If a user encounters another player, there is a 1/(NUMBER_OF_ONLINE_PLAYERS) chance that they will battle one another. Normal battling rules apply.

Some quests require that users walk to certain points on the map. In the spirit of IRPG, of course, the trek is made for you. Your character will automatically walk in the direction that it is supposed to, although at a much slower than normal pace (to avoid accidents, of course. You don't want to fall down and risk a Realm-wide p15!).

Item Stealing

As of v3.0, the IRPG has item stealing. After each battle, if the challenger wins, he has a slightly less than 2% chance of stealing an item from the challengee. Only items of a higher value are stolen, and the challenger's old item is given to the challengee in a moment of pity.