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Author(s): Dario Abatianni et al[1]/KDE community
Programming language: C++
Status: Active
License: GNU General Public License v2[2]
Latest release: 1.3.1
Homepage: http://konversation.kde.org

Konversation is a standalone graphical IRC client which is KDE-based. It is written using C++[2] and the Qt4 GUI toolkit.


Apart from common features like SSL, multiple servers in one instance and text colouring support it features DCC transfers, identity management, per channel encoding support, theme support for nick icons and bookmarking.[3] It supports bidirectional texts, Blowfish encryption and has an URL catcher and a message-based content filter.[4] Konversation integrates with KAddressBook, Kontact and other parts of KDE.[5]


The downloads for Konversation can be found on the website in the left corner.