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  • Colloquy is an IRC client for Mac OS X, widely accepted as probably the most user-friendly IRC client available for Mac.
  • Colloquy does a good job conforming to the Mac OS X user interface guidelines, and would be recommended for one who likes the Aqua look and feel.
  • Colloquy utilizes WebKit for rendering channels and PM's, and thus like Adium, has a wide array of extra styles and emoticons available for download.
  • Colloquy does have scripting capabilities based on the system-wide AppleScript, with a repository of community contributed scripts.

Programming Language:

  • Objective C (Cocoa)


  • Mac OS X

Latest Stable Release:

  • 2.3 as a Universal Binary for Tiger (10.4) and higher, which can be downloaded here
  • 2.1 which supports Panther (10.3) which can be downloaded here