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Programming language: C
Platform: Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Solaris
Status: Active
Based on: Charybdis[1]
License: GNU General Public License
Latest release:[2]
  • ShadowIRCd is an IRC daemon package. It is a modern reboot of the old ShadowIRCd project and is now based on Charybdis IRCd. ShadowIRCd mainly adds many new features on top of Charybdis. We also highly value clean code and not pointless complexity.
  • ShadowIRCd development is guided by its core developers. To get an idea of the developmental direction of the project, visit our IRC channel or browse the enhancements section of the bugtracking instance.

Supported IRC Services

  • We highly recommend Atheme IRC Services. ShadowIRCd may work with Anope 1.8.x using the Charybdis protocol module and 1.9.x using the ratbox protocol module, but it is not recommended and it has not been tested by the ShadowIRCd developers.

Supported Extended Services

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