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==Latest Stable Release==
==Latest Stable Release==
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* [[mIRCStats]]
* [[mIRCStats]]


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Platform: Unix, Linux, MacOs and Windows (Using ActivePerl)
Status: Active
License: GNU General Public License
Latest release: 0.72
Homepage: http://pisg.sourceforge.net/

Pisg is a statistics generator that needs to be used in conjunction with an IRC Client or IRC Bot like mIRC or Eggdrop.

Key Features

  • It can be run off a Linux or Unix server or shell host
  • pisg can read and process many different kinds of IRC client (or bot) log formats
  • Can output different pages from log files at the same time while only requiring one conf file
  • Html layouts and page contents can be freely configured on a per page basis
  • Supports regex for user nicknames and also has nickname tracking
  • Users can be configured individually and user pictures can be added



Latest Stable Release

0.72, and that can be downloaded Here as a tar.gz file, Here as a zip file and Here in several other formats

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