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Programming language: PHP
Platform: Independent
Status: Active
License: GPL
Latest release: EGs 3.2

EGs is aimed at being a modular PHP based web interface for Atheme services. Allowing network users to manage their services account via the web. Currently has support for NickServ, HostServ, ChanServ, MemoServ and OperServ. EGs boasts lots of site configurable options, along with a stylish, minimalistic user interface and a quick clean setup.

EGs is an alternative to Atheme-Web that only requires PHP5 and is platform independent.

Latest preview is available at GigIRC Services.

EGs is still supported here however CellSix will soon be taking it's place. Live IRC help is available at channel #cellsix

Latest stable release

Issue Tracker

EGs also has an update and issue tracker available to the public. Issue Tracker