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Programming language: Objective C
Platform: Mac OS X
Status: Active
License: BSD License
Latest release: 2.4 (5436)

Colloquy is a standalone IRC client for Mac OS X, widely accepted as probably the most user-friendly IRC client available for Mac. Colloquy attempts to conform to the Mac OS X user interface guidelines to provide a convenient and harmonious chatting experience and also implements the Aqua look and feel. Colloquy utilizes WebKit for rendering channels and PMs and like Adium has a wide array of extra styles and emoticons available for download.

Colloquy offers plugin and scripting capabilities based on the system-wide AppleScript, along with Python, Ruby, F-Script, and Objective C with a repository of community contributed plugins.

In addition to supporting IRC, Colloquy also supports Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) and the Internet Citizens Band (ICB).

An iPhone OS variant is available as Mobile Colloquy.