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Owner(s) oldmagic
Website http://www.zenet.org
Network address irc.zenet.org
Ports 6667-7000,6697(SSL)
Contact info@zenet.org
IRCd Unreal
Services Anope

ZEnet IRC Network

About us

ZEnet IRC Network was started in 2006 with the alternative to a fast service and services for users and a better place to chat with other peoples

ZEnet has not just high expericey operators and administators as stands to your service most of the time to help you and other peoples with your problems. We also have a very good knowledge in ircds and the services as we keep updateing as much as we can. ZEnet has grown to a large network with peoples around the world as make's it very easy for as a user on our network to talk to peoples from Asia,USA and alot of other countrys. We also believe that the users on ZEnet reads the rules as you can find while connecting to our network and that they do not break anyone of them to keep it as clean as possible. We welcome every person in the world with open arms to our network and hope that you will have a nice visit.

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