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Programming language: C++[1]
Platform: Windows
Status: Bug fixes
License: GNU General Public License
Latest release: 2.7

WinBot is an IRC bot for Windows and is based on the popular eggdrop bot[2]. Functions can be added to the bot through the various scripts and plugins available and built in features allow you to administrate your favourite IRC channels, and maintain auto-op lists, party lines, and ban lists.

Unlike eggdrop, WinBot is also usable as a standard IRC client, in the same way as mIRC. Although this is not what it is primarily designed for, it is much easier to do than with eggdrop, requiring no telnet access or requiring you to log into a shell account.

The bot was first developed by Crypt Software but the project was taken over by BlaherTech, which seems to have dropped support for it, given the official website is no longer active and the last 'update' to the project was in begin 2010.

WinBot can be left running on its own for days or even weeks on end, minimised on a computer or running as a Windows NT/2000 service process. On a correctly configured system, it can redial whenever a modem based system disconnects from the internet, maintaining a constant presence on an IRC network.

Latest Stable Release

  • The latest stable release can be downloaded here.