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Owner(s) Current operators
Website https://volatile.ch
Network address irc.volatile.ch
Ports 6667, SSL 6697, SSL 9999
Contact irc@volatile.ch
IRCd [[[ircd-ratbox]|[ircd-ratbox]]]
Services none


Volatile is an IRC network encompassing any subject protected by free speech rights. It is not a place for botnets or anything illegal. Ideally, people can access the network with Tor or I2P as well as with our normal IRC servers. Anyone is welcome as long as they play nice and have fun.

This network also utilizes users to regularly attend other IRC networks to spam their own network. Frequent other IRC Networks and it shouldn't be surprising to see someone join and post:

(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:19] █▓▒░LAME *UCKING NETWORK HERE
(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:20] ██╗██████╗ ██████╗
(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:23] ██║██╔══██╗██╔════╝
(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:23] ██║██████╔╝██║
(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:25] ██║██╔══██╗██║
(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:25] ██║██║ ██║╚██████╗
(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:26] ╚═╝╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚═════╝
(4:45:12) (xrt) [10:02:26] come to irc.volatile.bz

This deplorable behavior is a bad representation of the Network, and should be avoided at all costs.


The network currently has a small yet diverse group of people. New users are welcome in the existing "main" channels as long as they can tolerate the carefree "wild west" atmosphere. If the current channels are not a fit for you, you are always welcome to start your own community with no fear of interference by server staff.

Software and features

Volatile uses a modified ircd-ratbox with certfp, Unicode/colour nickname support, and an auto-op channel mode. Host cloaking is not available; use some sort of proxy to hide your IP instead. It also does not have nickname and channel registration services, so choose your channel operators wisely and don't complain if someone takes "your" nickname.

Unlike many networks, Volatile does not have strict flood limits. This is a dangerous stance to hold on flooding, but it is probably a rational one. Even servers with message throttling are vulnerable to distributed bot floods, proving that throttling is only a temporary resolution to a bigger problem. That said, channels may have their own policies on flooding as well as the appropriate bots or scripts to enforce those policies.

Servers and operators

Volatile has a lenient server linking policy as well as a shared approach to operating the network. It mirrors the philosophy seen on older networks where server operators never had control of the entire network. Even services are neutrally controlled -- all operators have equal access to the (limited) set of commands offered.

Current servers have IPv4 and IPv6 support. A few servers allow connections from Tor and I2P and will never require any sort of authentication or verification to join. Individual channels may easily enforce ban policies on these users, if need be.