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Programming language: MSL, TCL, Perl
Platform: Linux,Unix,Windows

As there are several versions of this game I will post a couple, feel free to add more.

IRC Uno by LostLion

IRC Uno by LostLion:

  • An IRC version of Mattel's great Uno game. (Uno is a registered trademark of Mattel)
  • Including a standard 108 card deck and a discard pile that actually get's shuffled when needed this is the ultimate in IRC Uno games.
  • Defaulting to standard Uno rules with a few options to vary game play and user interface.
  • This game will be sure to keep your visitors coming back.
  • Future updates will possibly include the ability to host multiple games in multiple channels and more game variations for those who don't like the standard rules for Uno.


IRC Uno by Brando

IRC Uno by Brando:

  • A mimic of the uno card game. This game is alot of fun. I've been playing with a couple of my friends everyone loves it. If you don't know how to play its very easy to learn. There is also a top 10 list so everyone can compete to be the best.