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Logo tzlogooo.png
Owner(s) Medusa
Network address
Ports 6667 (6697 SSL)
Contact at trivialityzone dot co dot uk medusa at trivialityzone dot co dot uk
IRCd Unreal
Services Anope


Where everyone feels at home!!

TrivialityZone Chat is an Irc community, who put their chatters first, we have a friendly staff team who volunteer their time to keep you safe, and won't tolerate abuse! Our Staff and chatters are from across the globe!! We no longer play tunes. We are looking for help to start up the quizzes - (We are hoping to restart our Quiz on a Sunday at 9pm UK time in the near future, a lot of fun was had by all who played week after week, some came just for the banter, if you are more competitive we did run a monthly league), but anyone is free to join us, we don't bite promise! ;) Staff Bios newsletters have moved to facebook

There are various Channels including :~

Chat Channels

#TrivialityZone (chat)
#LiveScores footie channel

Games Channels

#Trivia (Trivia bot 24/7)
#AussieTrivia (Trivia bot 24/7)
#kool-trivia Bogus Trivia bot 24/7
#MusicTrivia Music Bogus Trivia bot 24/7
#Uno (Uno bot 24/7)
#Countdown (countdown bot 24/7)
#quiz (Quizmaster TBA please check the topic for any changes)
#idle-rpg A game where your aim is to idle for the longest after registering to the game! 

Why not pop in and say hi and meet a great bunch of people we're sure you'll feel right at home. qwebirc chat

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