Surreal Services

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Surreal Services

Programming language: Perl, SQL
Platform: Linux, BSD,
Status: Active
Based on: Anope, Auspice, NeoStats
License: GPL
Latest release: 0.4.3[1]

Surreal Services were first introduced in 2005 and were based on Anope, ConferenceRoom, Auspice and NeoStats (features, not code). Although Surreal Services has all the usual service bots, the developers wanted to go one step further and include other bots that could be useful, such as ConnectServ and LogServ (found in NeoStats). Surreal also include SecurityBot, which in the long run is going to be an alternative to SecureServ (NeoStats) and Defender. Surreal also have AdminServ, which works alongside OperServ.

Supported IRCds

Surreal Service Bots


  • ConnectServ is designed to echo activity on your network to the services log channel.
  • ConnectServ will echo things like: users signing on/off the network, killing of users, nick changes, users going /away and returning
  • ConnectServ can even be customised so colour messages can be used to distinguish the different events.


  • LogServ logs the events of a network, connections, disconnections, oper commands etc

Security Bot

  • SecurityBot is a composition of SecureServ and Defender.
  • SecurityBot is an IRC trojan detector, it is much like a virus scanner, but aimed at IRC networks.
  • Using several methods, including version checks, behavior analysis, and general pattern matching, it aims to detect trojans, viruses, and floodbots which connect to your IRC network.