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Programming language: PHP
Platform: Any
Status: Active
Latest release: 0.3b]

Suphpbot is the only actively-developed PHP IRC bot at this time. It has support for hooks, modules, CTCP, user authentication and pretty much anything you can think of coding for it. The system is fully modular - if you start up the bot with no modules configured for it, it will connect to IRC and idle until the process is killed manually.

IRC channel: irc://

More information:

Packaged Modules

Use the "help" command to find out more about any of these.

  • core - This module contains the central bot functionality. You can assume that this plugin will always be available. Commands in core: about, config, echo, eval, help, list, load, ping, quit, raw, reload, restart, unload, uptime, whoami
  • channel - This is a basic channel moderation module. It's not at all automated, but it can be useful at times. Commands in channel: ban, dehalfop, deop, deowner, deprotect, devoice, halfop, join, kick, op, owner, part, protect, voice
  • users - This module is used for user authentication and is only available via /query. Commands in users: identify, register, setadmin
  • web - The web module is a "fun" module which will probably be combined with the internets module soon. Commands in web: ai, status
  • text - Text is used for modifying text. It's another "fun" module. Commands in text: bold, italic, rainbow, reverse, underline
  • games - The games module contains a few simple IRC games, including roulette and a barkeep emulator. Commands in games: barkeep, coin, eightball, roulette
  • misc - Miscellaneous commands. Commands in misc: password, type
  • internets - An attempt to clone Rizon's "Internets" bot. Commands in internets: bash, bing, expand, f, fml, forecast, ip, ipinfo, qdb, shorten, t, translate, u, urbandictionary, w, weather, youtube, yt

See also

  • The README file [1]