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Author(s): David Petersen & Aaron Kavlie[1]
Programming language: JavaScript/Node.js
Platform: Web based IRC client
Status: Active
License: MIT License

Subway is a web based IRC/Bouncer client (similar to IRCAnywhere) that started life as the combination of two independent projects with similar design and goals.[2] It's built on node.js, node-irc and MongoDB for the back-end server, while using Backbone.js and jQuery for the front-end.[3]

Subway can be setup to be a persistent IRC client which, like a Bouncer, will remain connected to the IRC server even after you close your Web browser window and will optionally log what happens on the channel while you're away. You can then login to the Subway account from any computer to continue chatting on IRC where you left off. [4] Another notable feature, while not mentioned but shown in screenshots, is the fact that image links get turned into thumbnail images that can be enlarged and viewed by users within the client. Some sources even claim that Youtube links are treated in a similar manner.


You can grab the latest copy of Subway here