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Logo Snoonet.png
Network address
Ports 6667, 6697 (SSL)
Main Channels #reddit , #help , #snoonet
Services atheme


Snoonet is an IRC network dedicated to bringing reddit communities closer together, with the goal of providing subreddits and other general communities a place to chat. Currently, Snoonet is home to an average of ~5000 users daily!

Snoonet is also home to around 5000 channels! We have a list of active communities here. Once you're connected to Snoonet, you can also type /list, /list *keywordhere* or /list >numberofpeople, to see a list of channels on the network. You can also see channel statistics here which uses the official Statistics bot.

Check out this page if you need help help with using or joining the network.

How do I join?

There are many ways to join Snoonet, though these are the easiest:

Through the webchat:

Some channels on Snoonet also allow you to connect via Orangechat, a chat client that's directly integrated with your Reddit account.


Mission Statement

Why Snoonet?

Network Rules

SSL Fingerprints

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service