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Logo panicirc-new.png
Owner(s) Shnaw, Vector
Network address
Ports 6660-6669 (plaintext) / 6697 (SSL/TLS)
Main Channels #Panic, #Lobby
IRCd Inspircd
Services Atheme

Important News

About Us

PanicIRC and OmegaIRC come from a long path of IRC Networks. The network administrators (hereby known as "staff") that operate this network have been through various positions on other networks to find that "balance" of being too strict or not.

Founded back in 2011, PanicIRC hosts the main IRC Server for the now well renowned PanicBNC. If a bouncer is needed for your day-to-day basis, visit their website to request a free bouncer (restrictions apply on certain networks. not all networks that are requested are approved).

PanicIRC and OmegaIRC house a channel for an older game, Ultima Online, for community ServUO. They use this channel for development questions or general chatting with other community members.

We welcome any type of community to join our ranks and be apart of the PanicIRC and OmegaIRC network! If any questions, contact a staff member to get any special requests taken care of. Aside from the terms of service, we accommodate mostly all communities that join. The staff do not interfere with community drama unless it spreads to another network channels.

Overall, the staff on PanicIRC and OmegaIRC are understanding and well-rounded individuals. The Rules are fairly simple and are easy to abide by. Please join the #Help channel if you find yourself in a troublesome position and need assistance.


PanicBNCis a free IRC Bouncer (BNC) provider originally provided for users of PanicIRC, but have expanded to allow use on other networks, we currently have 15 servers in 10 different countries that include: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweeden, The United Kingdom, and The United States. With having servers in 10 different countries, we can guarantee that we'll provide a smooth and stable service with low latency.

How Do I Connect?

Currently PanicIRC can be reached on or on our IPv6 Round Robin our main channel is #panic. You can also join us via the webchat clients below.

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Network Statistics channel statistics
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