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Programming language: C
Platform: Linux, BSD
Status: Active
Based on: Hybrid
License: GNU General Public License
Latest release: bc6rc2
Homepage: http://www.cobaltirc.org/docs/wiki/doku.php?id=operators:ircd

oftc-hybrid/bc is a modified ircd-hybrid-7 built on OFTC's oftc-hybrid-1.6.7 with a feature set & out-of-box defaults targeted at smaller networks.

It is designed to operate with Circe IRC services (although a deprecated compatibility patchset for ircservices5.1.20+ exists).

Features VS. oftc-hybrid

  • AES-256 encrypted server links
  • Heavily expanded operator UMODE_SPY (+y)
  • Expanded Oper Override capabilities
  • Remote rehash
  • Server-side /REMOVE
  • Channel mode +d (gecos/realname bans)
  • Channel mode +C (no channel-wide CTCP)
  • Various small hacks and upstream merges, see documentation

Supported IRC Services

Supported Extended Services