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Owner(s) Cronus
Network address
Ports 6667,6697(SSL)
Main Channels #Hangout
IRCd UnrealIRCd
Services Anope

Nite-Serv IRC Network

About us

Nite-Serv began as a Gaming Community almost 4 years ago, Founded by shinigami. He did great things for the community. Now that I (Cronus) Own and operate it, I run it mainly as a chatting community and a central hub to bring all the like gaming networks together (via janus or Server linking if they want it) Our main goal is to bring everyone together, and enjoy the company of one another, collaborate and assist each other with whatever knowledge we have.

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We have some standard IRC games, such as Uno (#uno) and soon trivia (#Trivia), since it was a gaming community and we are all still the same gamers I have a Minecraft server, small and not very used at the moment, but can always expand when the need arises see #NiteMC for server details and chat with the folks in the server!


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