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Programming language: C
Platform: Linux, BSD, Unix
Status: Active
Based on: Nefarious
License: GNU General Public License
Latest release: 1.5.1


ircd-darenet is a fork of Nefarious IRCu, which itself is a fork of Undernet's ircu. In addition to these two ircds, ircd-darenet also contains code from Quakenet's snircd.

ircd-darenet v2.0

Development has begun on ircd-darenet 2, which is a fork of Undernet's ircu 2.10.12 branch. The goal being to re-implement those features we have come to know and love in ircd-darenet 1.x on top of a more modern code base, while leaving behind a lot of stuff found in Nefarious IRCu that we do not utilize. The end result hopefully being a leaner, more efficient ircd.

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