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Owner(s) huru, tunicwriter
Network address
Ports 5000, 6667 - 6697, 6670, 7000(SSL)
IRCd Charybdis 3.3.0
Services Atheme 7.0

The IRCNode IRC Network

About us

IRCNode is an IRC network that users can use without overpowered IRC operators disturbing them or their channels. IRCNode has very few rules and full responsibility go to channel owners. IRCNode was started in early 2008, but due to financial issues had to close for a couple of years. IRCNode reopened November 2010.


IRCNode is powered by Atheme services with ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, GroupServ, HostServ and Global modules enabled. Once registered, users can request for their own vhosts and much more. IRCNode is currently working on intergrating the EGS user control panel to their website to give their users more functionality.

Benefits of IRCNode

  • Helpful and friendly staff, we will not barge on your privacy nor will we tell you what to do in your channels.
  • Instant nickname registration, no need to wait for email verification process.
  • Full Mibbit intergration, be able add a webclient to your website, with your actual ip shown and not *
  • Web Chat - IRCNode uses qwebirc web chat client to allow users to connect to IRCNode with ease by just going to the front page of our website.

Whats New?

  • As of the 12th of November, the IronDust IRC Network has joined the IRCNode community! Feel free to checkout the new channels.
  • As of the 19th of November, the LightSpike IRC Network has joined the IRCNode community! They bring more development based users to our already growing community!


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What are you waiting for, join us today by either using our webchat client or by connecting on your own:!