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Owner(s) IRC4Fun Admins
Network address
Ports 6667 (Plaintext), 6697 (SSL)
Services Xtheme

IRC4Fun IRC Network

About us

IRC4Fun was established as a friendly, fun, convenient & safe place to chat without the politics often found on other networks. IRC4Fun was created for those who enjoy IRC for chatting.

IRC4Fun offers a unique IRC chatting experience (that isn't always offered by other networks) to it's users with a wide-range perks! Our Services ChanServ, ChanFix, NickServ, MemoServ, and HostServ allow users to register their nicknames, channels, memos and vHosts. Our Services are secure, effective, reliable and also have more commands/abilities to control aspects of your channel than the services provided on other IRC networks!

IRC4Fun has a wide variety of channels covering many different topics. Be sure to check out the Channel listing on our website. Help/Support can be obtained in #IRC4Fun.

We offer hostmasking (usermode +x) to all users of our network; both registered users and non-registered users. IRC4Fun by default will mask a user's IP address to prevent other users from attempting DoS attacks on network users. Users can request custom vHosts/cloaks via HostServ.

We also have a Services Web Interface that allows our users to manage their Nicknames, Channels and Memos via the WWW!

We've also released our SWI to the public, for other IRC networks that run Xtheme IRC Services (or Atheme forks) to use.


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