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Owner(s) Administration
Network address
Ports 6667-6669, 6697(SSL)
Main Channels #help, #chat
Services Atheme Network is a medium sized network that was founded by Garteus and Mow. consists of hundreds of users from all around the globe and is operated by 11 (9 active) professional and friendly administrators that are ready to help you whenever you get stuck or simply just need a guiding hand (IRCop Help).

In early 2010, FoCo, which runs one of the biggest SA-MP communities, known as LS-RP, wanted to expand their network (FoCoGaming IRC) and created in liaison with Exnet, a privately owned company in Sweden which expertise in networking. At first, FoCo had three IRC leafs, whilst Exnet had one. Currently, FoCo only provides one leaf (hosted in Canada) while Exnet provides two across Europe and North America. is home for various communities including the official and unofficial IRC channels for GTA SA-MP and most of its popular servers. Everyone is welcomed to join and be part of our network! The network rules are fairly easy and simple to abide by. Registered users are free to create and moderate whatever channel they wish and however they wish as long as it follows our channel moderation / user conduct. IRCops do not interfere in any channel issues unless it conflicts with the network rules. If any questions, don't hesitate to join our #help channel. You are also welcomed join our official #chat channel to meet up with individuals from different communities and chat casually.


Server Location Hosted by IPv6 SSL Montreal, Canada Exnet Inc Roubaix, France Exnet Inc Montreal, Canada FoCo ltd

For a complete server list & status, check out our website.

How To Connect?

Direct your client to on port 6667 for plaintext or 6697 for SSL. You can also choose a specific server from our Server List.
To connect with IPv6, use the following address:

Direct WebChat Connect

Mibbit Chat
KiwiIRC Chat

Prohibited on

  • ​ Racism and/or Nazism.​
  • ​ Discussing or spreading illegal copyrighted material.​
  • ​ Discussing or spreading pornographic material.​
  • ​ Spamming and/or advertising.​
  • ​ Hacking and/or cracking.​
  • ​ Evading Network and/or channel bans.​
  • ​ Flooding.​
  • ​ Botnets.​

Useful Links

Network Rules
Staff List
Servers Status Statistics
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