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Owner(s) SamuelTheHusky
Network address
Ports 6667,6697(SSL)
Main Channels #Help, #Uno, #IdleRPG
IRCd UnrealIRCd
Services Anope

Huskynet IRC Network

Network Information

The Huskynet IRC network was originally for testing out scripts that I was writing for IRC, however it was decided to open the network publicly.

Currently the network's main focus is IRC based games as well as game discussion although we are not restrictive about what channels can be about.

At the time of writing we host 4 games on our network officially, each in it's own channel.

#Uno hosts our UnoBot which is a re-write of the popular mIRC Uno script as a module for the Phenny IRC bot. Just say .uno to begin and (hopefully) players will join and play with you.

#IdleRPG hosts the popular game IdleRPG. We currently have a very small user base for the game and would like to expand to include a bit more competition. We have a full IdleRPG stats page at or alternatively just join #IdleRPG and /msg IdleBot REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class> to get started!

#Blackjack hosts our BlackJack bot. This script was written by a network admin in Python using no IRC based framework such as Phenny. It is a simple script and is in need of improvement but none the less is a fun, quick game to play.

#Trivia hosts a modified version of the Java based TrivialBot. It has been modified so that anybody can start a game and can get the scoreboard. We have also made changes to the way it loads the questions so that it skips any errorneus ones that happen to end up in the questions file. And to that effect we have loaded it with 50457 questions ported over from tat's trivia to get you thinking!

We are always open to new ideas and would love to host more IRC based games. We are happy to host most game bots ourselves or if you wish to run one all you have to do is make sure the bot is registered with NickServ and just let an IRCop in #help know so that we can assign a mask to your bot.

Currently the main discussion hangout is #Uno however this will probably change if people like to play Uno frequently. Users will of course be notified of this.

All of our servers provide a method of cloaking your IP address from other users via usermode +x to enable this enter '/mode YourNick +x' into your IRC client once you have connected. You need to do this BEFORE you join any channels

We also provide network statistics with Denora and you can access them at You may also request that StatServ joins your channel to help provide some basic stats for your channel and it's users. To do this please enter '/helpop !Request Stats' into your IRC client or ask us in #help and an IRCop will add your channel to the monitored list. Once your channel has been added to the monitored list the bot StatServ will join your channel. There is no need to give this bot channel operator status.

Our official help channel is #help and this is the only place help should be found for network related issues. If you are ever unsure of a channels validity please notify an IRCop with the command '/helpop !Your message to the ops here'. Once an IRCop received this they will investigate and get back to you as soon as they can. Please be aware that this could take up to 24 hours to complete. However if you have not heard from us within the 24 hours then please send an email to sam[at]huskynet[dot]info with your issue.

The network has 5 public servers all with SSL access and we run UnrealIRCd 3.2, Anope 1.7 and Denora 1.4.5

To get connected please point your client to on the default port of 6667 for non SSL or if you wish to connect using a secured connection please use port 6697.

Our network website is located at Our stats website is located at Our IdleRPG website is located at

And finally we host a lightIRC client at to allow you to connect without an IRC client installed on your computer. (Requires Flash)
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