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Programming language: C
Platform: Linux, Windows
Status: Active
License: GNU General Public License v2
Latest release: 2.12.4[1]
Homepage: http://hexchat.github.io

HexChat is a fork of XChat which is free for Linux and Windows.[2] It was originally named XChat-WDK and was created as an alternative to the Shareware version of XChat for Windows,[3] but changed its name because it went far beyond being a simple Windows only version of XChat and efforts to merge into XChat officially hit a dead-end.[4]

Differences from XChat

By comparison with the Original XChat and the Unofficial XChat Windows Build, HexChat added several very needed features to XChat while simplifying the initial interface for beginners.[5] HexChat also boasts a large number of guides including Installation,[6] Quick Start,[7] Tips and Tricks[8] and even Developer Guides.[9] It also provides several commonly needed addons[10] making it the ideal replacement for XChat.

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