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Logo fde9bc1ccb1b9761ed5194f297fb012e.jpg
Owner(s) Timmy, Trixar_za & Squirm
Network address
Ports 6667, 7000(SSL)
Main Channels #Chatz, #GigIRC, #IRC-Wiki
IRCd UnrealIRCd
Services Atheme

The GigIRC Network

Primarily GigIRC is Pro Music as we are dedicated to live music, bands, their fans, venues, touring and all associates music industry service providers. In saying that GigIRC has become a place where many of IRCs elite and brightest advocates frequent and is also becoming well known for creating unique software and IRC related products. We welcome users from the world over as many of our users are from Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom & USA plus many more.

We are currently taking applications for links to our Janus Server; Send Network details with Janus Link in the subject to Janus Links



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GigIRC Projects

We are affilliated with many fantastic individuals who have become our friends here at GigIRC; Along with our talented staff, we have drawn together an eclectic franction of IRC devotees who are committed to the development of IRC.

Our teams strive for innovation and have brought many new ideas and concepts to IRC including and not limited to:

To join The GigIRC Network use your IRC Client or use our Web Client on our official website.

GigIRC Network Stats

We are indexed and stats are collected via These kind of stats are handy to track your servers user activity.

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