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Programming language: C++
Platform: Mac OS X, Linux, Unix
Status: Active
Based on: Written from scratch[1]
License: GNU General Public License[1]

GNUWorld is an IRC operator services server. It is capable of performing any and all tasks that IRC operators/administrators might ask of it. It is written in C++ using sophisticated object oriented design patterns. GNUWorld was originally created in 1997 by Orlando Bassotto. Major contributions were made by Andrea Cocito. It has since been rewritten to incorporate the C++ standard, unavailable at original creation.


  • GNUWorld[1] was first released in 1997 from scratch by Orlando Bassotto
  • At the one end, GNUWorld's clients provide basic operator services such as changing modes in channels and setting and removing glines. On the other end, GNUWorld can be used to provide sophisticated network analysis and monitoring. Almost anything is possible.
  • Efforts are made to create software that uses as little physical memory as possible. However, we will always prefer a reliable product to one that uses very little memory.

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