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Platform: Linux, Unix
Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/dircproxy/

dircproxy is an IRC proxy server (bouncer) for people who use IRC from lots of different workstations or clients, but wish to remain connected and see what they missed while they were away. dircproxy also logs all events, pms, channels, notices, and then relays them to you when you reconnect to the bouncer.


  • Runs on console, as a daemon or from inetd.
  • Able to proxy many simultaneous users and IRC connections.
  • Uses IRC server passwords to authenticate.
  • Remains connected to server when you detach. To reattach you just use the IRC server password again, no special commands!
  • Completely non-blocking throughout.
  • Can connect to servers that also require a password.
  • Can have a list of servers on the same network to connect to and it will cycle through this list.
  • Throttles data sent to server to ensure you are never kicked for flooding.
  • Can check servers to make sure they don't become "stoned".
  • Reconnect to servers if the connection is dropped.
  • Can automatically join channels for you on first attach.
  • Rejoins channels if you are kicked off.
  • Can leave channels when you detach and rejoin when you come back.
  • Can take measures to ensure you don't appear "idle" on IRC.
  • Host and password based security.
  • Easy to configure and get running.
  • Drop's unwanted user modes when you detach if you forget to de-opper yourself.
  • Will refuse to connect to servers that set certain modes such as +r.
  • Can bind to any IP on your host to change your appearance on IRC.
  • Can change what username is presented on IRC without affecting other users its proxying for.
  • Can send a message to all channels to indicate when you detach and reattach.
  • Can change your nickname when you detach.
  • Sets you /AWAY when you detach, if you forget to do so.
  • Fully configurable logging support so when you reattach you can see what you missed.
  • Can limit the size of log files to avoid eating disk space.
  • Log text recalled to your client is sent so your client sees it as ordinary IRC

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