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Programming language: C
Platform: Unix, Windows
Status: Dead
License: freeware
Homepage: http://darkbot.sourceforge.net

Darkbot was originally created by Undernet server administrator (and SearchIRC founder) Jason Hamilton as an aid for help channels to answer repeated questions from its virtually unlimited database. It has become a very popular talking robot and is used all over IRC for various purposes, such as IRC quote bots, help bots, and emulating humanoid responses.

The last release was Darkbot 8rc1 released Mar 04, 2005 and it has been unmaintained since then.[1]

The cobalt project attempts to resurrect & improve on Darkbot functionality.


  • Multi-lingual (packaged with 18 languages)
  • Multi-user & online user management
  • Can speak randomly and/or in response to user questions & chat
  • Searchable topics & "random stuffs"
  • Understands basic channel commands, eg !op !deop !kick !ping

Latest Stable Release