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Author(s): Leigh Johnston
Programming language: C++[1]
Platform: Windows[2]
Status: Active
Latest release: 2.7.154

ClicksAndWhistles is a graphical IRC client for Windows which has been developed in C++ and uses MFC and the Win32 SDK with GDI+[1].

Whilst not officially supported ClicksAndWhistles will run on Windows 2000 but as it requires GDI+ you may need to install GDI+ [3]


Some of the features of the client are:

  • Supports multiple connections, servers and identities
  • Allows for grouping users (buddy lists) with custom colouring
  • Extended keyword management for highlighting and notification of interesting conversation topics
  • Animated emoticons (gif-based)
  • Full logging also with scrollback logs
  • Themes, backgrounds are customizable
  • On-connect scripts and macros