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Programming language: Java
Platform: Linux, BSD, Unix
Status: Active
License: GNU General Public License v2
Latest release: SVN

Borknet was written from scratch in 2005 and was written for u2+snircd, it may also support other P10 protocol IRCds.

Supported IRCd

BorkNet Service Bots

  • H: Help Service Module: It can issue tickets for help channels, and has a queue system.
  • G: Game Service Module: A simple bot that allows users to play various games.
  • O: Services Core: it can load/unload and rehash the modules.
  • P: Proxyscan Service Module: it will check for open proxies with connecting clients.
  • Q: Channel & Oper Service Module: It has all functions needed for user to authenticate and manage their channels. It also has an extensive set of oper commands.
  • R: Request Service Module: It can be used to request Q and S.
  • S: Spamscan Module: It will scan channels for spam & advertising and will take appropriate action against malicious persons.
  • T: Trojanscan Module: Scans for botnets and infected users.
  • Tutor: Tutorial Module: It allows you to manage tutorial sessions.
  • V: vHost Service Module: It can set custom vHosts upon user signin and for network staff.
  • X: Statistical Service Module: It will keep track of some basic stat information in an xml file.

Latest Stable Release