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AdiIRC logo
Author(s): Per Amundsen
Programming language: C#
Platform: Windows
Status: Active
License: Freeware
Latest release: 2.7 (2017/02/15) [2]


AdiIRC is an IRC client with multiserver support and a highly customizable interface. It offers all the standard IRC features including private chats, basic Identd features, system informations, SSL, IPv6, chat logging and DCC Chat/Transfers.

It also offers now playing support for various media players, advanced scripting, themes, MTS themes, plugins, and dockable/undockable activity monitors that lets you monitor many channels at once.


  • Built in SSL Support
  • Advanced scripting language based on MSL
  • Built in script editor
  • DLL plugin system
  • MTS Themes
  • Built in themes
  • IPv6 support
  • Custom highlights
  • Nick colors, random and per user, including yourself
  • Docked monitoring panels
  • Built in now playing support for popular media players
  • Multiserver manager with auto connection and perform support
  • Auto detect favicon for any network host
  • Extensive GUI customization: colors, fonts, icons, menus, toolbars, background
  • Full control over events where to display
  • Sounds support for events
  • System info support (hardware details)
  • Bandwidth, CPU and memory monitoring
  • Tray icon
  • Tray tips support
  • Tab complete with last spoke order support
  • Irc:// links support and check association
  • Multi-language GUI support
  • Global shortcut to toggle main window visibility, AKA Boss key
  • SASL
  • TLS
  • IRCV3 compliant
  • And a lot more

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